Great way to take advantage of the perforated screen on the Galaxy S10: display the battery level

Are you uncomfortable with the “camera hole” on the Galaxy S10? So don’t worry, this app called Energy Ring will help you solve this problem.

Energy Ring ( will take advantage of the “advantage” of the “camera hole” available on the device to display battery life. The Verge said, this free app will display a small circle around the camera lens. Users can customize many components such as color, thickness or dimension.

However, many people will be annoyed, because the camera hole on the Galaxy S10, which is designed to be cleverly hidden below the screen, makes it possible for us to see a screen almost overflowing on the device This is nothing that appears to be bulging like the unpleasant rabbit ears on other smartphones. Fortunately, this application can allow you to hide this display circle in case of distracting like watching movies or playing games in full screen mode.

The app developer, IJP, has also written custom battery display applications for Android devices, including Energy Bar and a version exclusively for Galaxy S8 / S9, but it seems that Energy Ring is Best application works.


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