Top 5 Best Free Games for Android

With smartphones becoming all the rage lately, developers have turned their attention to platforms such as Android. Whenever one is on the go, it’s always nice to have some games ready to play. Android is capable of that, and here are the top five games that don’t cost a single penny.

Smartphones, meet the world of physics. You are a ship that is trying to hit a target with a beam, but the game itself is much more difficult than it sounds as it adds things such as mirrors, traps, and other nature defying objects into the mix. A great way to pass some time, Newton is a must-have for those with the Android platform.

Zombie, Run!

Zombie, Run! is a fun little game of avoiding zombies on a GPS map, and while it’s not the most enthusing game to play when you’re bored, it’s a fun passive game. You can even make it more fun by seeing who can avoid the zombies the longest within a group of friends!

Sketch Online

I’m guessing that most of you are familiar with the idea of one person drawing something while the rest of the group guesses what that person draws? A popular game now, Sketch Online just takes that idea and puts it on the Android platform. Personally, it’s much more fun with friends that I know rather than random strangers, but it’s a fun game nevertheless.

Replica Island

Free and open source, Replica Island really is one of the best Android games around. You can tell that it was made especially for the Android platform only by looking at the character you control! The main point of the game is to guide your Android robot through 40 platforming levels to find a mysterious power source. The gameplay is extremely polished, and I found it very easy to maneuver the robot around with the smartphone controls. It’s not just any other platformer, as it contains many twists that you will see if you play it!


Bebbled is your basic puzzle game for the smartphone. The main point of the game is to drop coloured gems onto other coloured gems in order to clear more space. For more gems. However, I must note that the interface is extremely sleek and easy to use, and the gameplay is quite addictive if you push yourself.

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