PlayStation Network Down For 3 Weeks – Will Developers Stay?

In what is now turning into a daily report on the status of the PlayStation Network, there is no new information about when things might return to a sense of normality for the gaming community. Sony continues to provide very little information with no specifics as to when the over 70 million users of the PlayStation Network can return to the games they all love. Moving into week 4 at this point since the voluntary shut down of the entire network, other concerns are now starting to come out which could spell even more troubles for Sony.

It now seems that the various companies who depend on the Sony PlayStation Network to use their games are now starting to wonder about the impact to their revenue as they are running a business. Projections for sales for the PlayStation 3 games has dried up because of the uncertainty of the entire situation and when things might return and provide income to the many different companies. As an example, Capcom is voicing concerns about the millions of dollars they are losing because of the network remaining dark. Whether that is the potential amount they may lose is not known, but it is obvious that they are losing out on sales. They sell games through the PlayStation Network Store and that is also dark because of the hacking activities and the exposure of credit card information.

There are other companies, such as Q-Games and Activision, who are starting to become vocal over the lost sales and revenue for the companies. It does appear from the comments that they are as much in the dark as the millions of users out there and it does not look like Sony is willing to give them any insight as to when things might return. If they are losing a lot of sales and this does continue into the next week, many of them are going to shift resources to doing development to other platforms. That would be bad news for Sony and the gaming community.

But then again, it could be a reflection of what the gaming community is already starting to do. Gamers want to be online and playing, which they cannot do now and there is no estimation of when that might happen on the PlayStation Network. So if users are moving, it makes sense that the developers of games would move also to follow the money.

It seems that Sony does not have a strategy for keeping folks loyal to their network, whether it be users or developers. That lack of strategy may hurt them for a long time if they do not start opening up and provide details as to where they are at and exactly when we can expect to see the online gaming return. If not, people will start leaving in large numbers.

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