Twitter Is Taking Over Me

My posts here have been radically reduced somewhat. I usually have some crap to write, but recently, I have been quite busy, both at work and at home. Then my posts were reduced to putting up some videos of some junk. I became disgusted with doing that, so decided to refrain from doing that too much. Now, I can’t think of anything to put up.

However, my Twitter posts has increased like crazy.

Although Twitter has exploded in other parts of the world (read: US), I’m not too sure about Singapore. Maybe among the Singaporean web-geeks, there has been some proliferation, but it has yet to go mainstream. Maybe some see it as just another platform to update. But Twitter’s strength is not in its ability to post updates on yourself, it’s how you can post that update.

I am not much of a gadget fan. Those little programs that run directly on your desktop. Sure it’s useful, but I like to keep my desktop clutter free with a nice wallpaper as background. Even on my Vista machine, the gadgets remain on the sidebar. Plus, I’m only using the default ones that are included in the OS, like the clock, calendar, etc. There is a Twitter gadget app for Vista, but it’s a bit cumbersome and I immediately disliked it upon using. Also, at the same time, I was having some trouble with connecting to Twitter on my iPhone. I was unable to use the free Twitter apps for some reason and always had to revert to the browser instead. It was not really that convenient.

Recently I decided to have another go at TwitterFon, and it seemed to work now! No more “connection could not be found” errors or whatnot. Then TwitterFox with TinyURL Creator came to live on my Firefox browser. Instant love!

Now it’s damn easy for me to tweet anything from anywhere. If only there is a way to sync TwitterFon with TwitterFox. Both of them seem to be developed by the same parent company.

TinyURL Creator is also a nice addon for Firefox. My only gripe with it is that there doesn’t seem to be a button placed on the main interface. Thus, to use it, one needs to go to Tools > TinyURL Creator. Not exactly a chore, but not exactly convenient either. It’s really convenient as a one-click shortening of URLs, and the best part is that after creating one for you, it is instantly on your clipboard.

Connecting Twitter with Facebook, every tweet of mine is now also reflected on Facebook. Update crazy. Of course, by doing so, one must make a conscious realization that every tweet will be read by almost everyone. I must make sure that each tweet is not incriminating or defaming in any way. I don’t know why, but social networking sites somehow sometimes turns people into idiots. Plus, more than ever, people are complaining about privacy and laws that intrude and encroach into their lives, but at the same time, they’re nicely posting every single thing regarding their lives online. Oxymorons for morons.

Anyway, follow me @! I need to be following more people I know.

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