My First Clickbank Check- How Christmas Spoilt My Party

As I write to you today, it’s been 3 months since I got my first clickbank check and several other direct deposits from them. But the moment I was so eagerly waiting to cherish, it quite didn’t happen at that time and will tell you why. Read on..

First of all as you know, clickbank requires you to receive at least two  paper checks before they can send you direct deposit. Since I had chosen the amount of 100$ as a minimum, it took me a while to get there as I had just started affiliate marketing with clickbank. In fact it took me 6 months.

If you see my stats, I made my first sale on 20-7-2011 and I got paid on 23-11-2011 and the check was to be sent on 7th december 2012.

If you look at my stats, it took me

At that moment I was very thrilled and felt on top of the world but at the same time I was a bit anxious whether the check would reach me properly as I was an International affiliate.

So I read everyone’s blog posts as to how they got their first clickbank check and how thrilled they were. I saw people even having clicked photographs of the check and displaying it proudly in their blogs. So even I started imagining the thought of holding the check and feeling happy.

I read everywhere as to how much time it takes to reach International destination and everyone said 14 days. So  I thought maybe my check will reach me on december 22 until it struck me that it was holiday season.

So I decided to wait till december 22. Meanwhile I intimated my local postman that a check will be arriving from USA and that he should bring it for me safely.

Meanwhile, I also read about different stories on other blogs about clickbank check being stolen, check getting torn and all this made me a bit apprehensive.

I tried to keep myself calm but I couldn’t. So I even called up the local post-office as to whether they have a system to track checks from USA. But since clickbank sends checks by regular mail, it’s not possible to track.

I even read about stories of people not getting their checks and having clickbank remailing them check again( clickbank does send you a new check in case you don’t receive it but they deduct a certain amount). I also started thinking what if my check gets Lost due to all the mails during holiday season.

By this time, Christmas had passed and I started losing hope.Moreover my family felt that what I was doing is not worthwhile and this made me feel more hopeless.

By this time it was December 31st and it was new year time. I didn’t feel like celebrating and morever I had stopped working on my websites and still hopeful that I will start working once I get my check. I thought of waiting till first week of Jan and in case that doesn’t happen then send mail to clickbank again requesting them to reissue a new check.

A lot of things started going on in my head, like why do I have to undergo all like this and why this was happening to me, why can’t just things happen normally and I didn’t want to request clickbank again and all, after all who would want to get into that hassle and again wait for another month long to receive a check.

So I even thought of giving clickbank a new address to mail next time. I kept in touch regularly with the postman and he said that there was no check in my name from USA.

It was almost January 3rd. By this time, I thought of giving up internet business altogether. I thought all this was hopeless and people talking about scams is true. Finally on January 4th I got a call from home. Thinking that they might tell me to give up hope on getting the check,I got into a unnecessary argument with them.

By the end of the argument, they said that they were calling me to tell the good news that my check had come. All the while I was imagining that I would wake up in the morning, get a check and hold it in my hand and scream but I spoilt my own party.

In fact I didn’t even want to see the check that day. The very next day I still got my hands on it and then I just smiled to myself.

Lesson Learnt

Focusing on fear doesn’t help. Rather than that focusing on things that really matter will help you in long run. Had I had kept the focus on working on my websites rather than worrying about something which I’ve no control of would have helped me more.

Moreover if you see the stats again, the second check was sent to me on January 14th. And guess what it reached me in 10 days now,i.e January 14th and this time I did party after all.

What has been your experiences in getting your first break in affiliate marketing or  your reactions on getting the first clickbank. Do post your comments.  If you’re waiting for that first check yet, don’t give up hope and focus on your work and hope my post inspires you to take action rather than reaction.

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