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Finding a good niche is the biggest decision you have to make when starting out on your internet marketing venture. Another big decision is how you should market your product which is a totally different topic, ha-ha!

How do I know if my niche is the right one for me?

This is probably the most popular question. Ask yourself if you know anything about your chosen niche, secondly ask if yourself if you’re willing to learn? The reason for those 2 important questions is that it is imperative that you enjoy promoting your chosen niche market. There WILL be hard yards on your marketing adventure, you can bet on that. It will be so much harder for you to push through the hard days if you don’t enjoy your niche.

How do I know if I have found a good niche?

Before deciding on your niche you need to do your research and see if your niche has a starving crowd standing in front of them. What’s a starving crowd? A starving crowd is a plethora of people with a burning desire for a product or service. You want to be the only (or one of the only ones) with a bucket of water when someone runs past with their hair on fire.

When will I start making money from my hot niche?

That’s a tough question and if I had to tell you the most popular question I’ve been asked it’s this one. Just like anything else it’s up to you at how successful you’re going to be. It firstly depends on your chosen niche product; you must have a starving crowd standing in front of you. You need to choose how you’re going to promote your niche market. Is it going to be by article writing or pay per click? I would really love to tell you all that you should expect to make some moolah in your first 2 weeks so get ready to get excited! BUT if I did I would be lying. It absolutely 100% up to you how quick you make your money.

How can I tell if my hot niche phrase is exhausted?

Jump on Google and do a search! Yea a super easy one but very popular one. Naaa there’s a little more to it than that. When you type your phrase in to Google put talking marks (“”) either side and that will give you the exact number count of how many people  use that exact niche phrase on the net. Very cool hey? Anything under a count of 5000 is a good niche phrase to target.

The above frequently asked questions are the 4 most popular questions being asked today. I hope these answered yours.

Niche Marketing is actually specializing in one small segment in a business.  Say, if you deal in silver, you could be dealing in silver jewellery and that is your niche.  Now you could specialize further and go into silver ear rings and studs.  This is further defining your niche.  The fact is that if you focus on a niche with single mindedness, you can make a lot of money. Niche Strategy Advantages

When we discuss niche, we are focusing on a specific area, be it in product or service.  For example, Liposuction is a niche in the realm of plastic surgery.

So how do we select a niche?  When we have to select a niche, we need to focus on a area or product which either has a huge volume of business so that we can make money on turnover, or a small volume of business but with huge profit margins.

One of the biggest advantages in being a niche player is that you can quickly reach a very high position in your niche.  A niche normally has very few players, and so the competition is less.  This can be either because of the geography of the niche, or because of the qualification required.  If you are into liposuction, for instance, there are very few doctors who are qualified to be plastic surgeons.  Among them there are a lesser number that are involved in liposuction.  This means if you have the expertise and the capability, you can quickly dominate the niche. Niche players quickly start getting media and news publicity since the segment is unique and is considered newsworthy.

When we talk about niche on the internet, we come to a very unique problem.  You would like to focus on one small segment to the exclusion of others.  This is easy to say and difficult to implement.  Due to the plethora of options on the web, the temptation to deal with other products which do not belong to your desired niche is immense.  Therefore you need to stop getting greedy, exercise control and once that you have decided what your niche is, you should simply stick to it.

Once that you have decided that you are going to deal with just one product and you are going to build your reputation as a dominant player in that product, you will find that the internet makes it easy for you.  You can write informative articles on your niche and post them on article websites.  These articles must offer information, be serious and businesslike.  You can even write for the newspaper and other recognized print mediums like periodicals, weeklies etc.  These are not advertisement, they could be free or, if you are good, you could even be paid for them.  So you get to advertise your business and your self in a respectable way.  This is a bonus of playing the niche strategy.

The internet is hungry for content.  There are article directories, blogs and online newsletters that always need content.  Keep submitting your articles.  These will have a worldwide reach.  This is the main advantage.  Soon you will be known as a credible source and become an authority in your niche.

The advantage of being a niche player are many, and you should see success in no time.


The hot topic in Internet marketing today is finding a niche and then promoting it to make thousands of dollars. Newcomers jump on board waiting for the day when the money falls in their laps… until they realize that it is not just picking a niche that is important, but picking the right one.

There are some easy things you can do to find a profitable niche fairly quickly; and it is important that you do some research before starting out to ensure the best odds of finding a niche worth pursuing. Here are some tips to help you find a topic worth tapping into.

Niche Finding Tip # 1: Google It.

If you want to find out if others are making money on the Internet in this niche, then you should type in some keywords related to it and look on the right-hand side for Google adwords.

If there are a lot appearing, then you know for sure that people are making money with this topic. Internet marketers do not put up ads on these pages unless they are getting some kind of return on their money.

Sometimes it can be more, and sometimes it can be less. There is really no way to tell how much profit they are making by placing their adwords on the page, but you can be sure they are making some money.

If you find a lot of adwords by typing in keywords that are related to your niche, then you know for sure that this is a profitable one.

Niche Finding Tip # 2: Look For A Niche You Would Like To Work In.

There is a lot of debate about this issue, with some people saying that you should pick your niche based on profit potential only, while others say you must work with something you enjoy. What seems to be left out, in many cases, is finding something that you enjoy that can also earn you a lot of money.

There has to be a lot of things that you like in this world. One of them, at least, has to be something that could make you a lot of money, one way or another. Why bother setting up a website and promoting something you don’t really have an interest in, when you can set up and promote something you like while earning steady income from it? You can have the best of both worlds.

It’s funny that when you leave the Internet world and look at the real world, people set up a career in something they enjoy doing. Careers are based mainly on interest, then on profitability.

Telling an Internet marketer to set up a site on insurance when they find the subject completely boring, is much the same as telling a young adult that he should become a doctor when he hates the sight of blood.

You can have anything and everything when it comes to Internet marketing. You can pick a niche you like to work with, and one that you think is profitable.

Niche Finding Tip # 3: Make A List.

The easiest way to accomplish finding a niche is to make a list of all the things you love, you like, you enjoy, and things you would like to know more about. After this list is done, take a look and see if there’s any profit to be made in any or all of those areas. If there is, then you have a good start.

You should never expect to start something and have it become an immediate hit, although this can very well happen.

There are a lot of other things that will come into play when you start promoting your site that need to be in place in order to make money. Website design, type of promotion and a lot of other factors will help determine whether you can make a profit.

Niche Finding Tip # 4: Choose Three.

Internet marketing can be a very funny thing. Some things will take off and others will flop for unexplainable reasons. This happens to even the top Internet marketers, so you should expect it to happen as well.

It is wise to choose at least 3 niches to seriously start up, so that you can beat the odds and have at least one do well.

Internet marketing is not just a science and an art; it is also a numbers game. This is why many people cannot rise to the challenge and drop out quickly. They do not understand that persistence, and trial and error, are the only way to make it.

Finding a profitable niche can be hit and miss, but there are ways to put luck on your side. Once you have looked at the ad words you can also find forums in that niche and see what people there are buying. You can also check Yahoo Answers, and find out what is happening over at Clickbank to help you find that great niche.

If you base your final decision on what you enjoy, then once it takes off you can work with it for years without ever becoming bored. You can’t become rich by working a site that bores you so much that

Niche marketing research has often been a difficult task. How do you research? What do you research? What should your results entail are questions that often come to mind. How important is niche marketing research? It is very important and could be the deciding factor between failure and success.

1. Your reader/customers – What does your reader and customer want? Find out and give it to them. The first thing you want to consider is your public relations strategy. Readers that come to the internet are looking for products or a niche that will provide to them a solution to their issues. The solution can basically be anything from weight lose, dog grooming help to saving a marriage. What you have to remember is in every niche there is a problem and a solution. Focusing on just those two key areas will find you well ahead of the pack. Your public is your life’s blood for your business. This is the foundation and reason why I like to call it “public relations strategy”. If you forget your business strategy, you lose your traffic which translates into your readers and buyers.

For example let us take dog grooming as our niche, we can put a public relations strategy into play. After doing some niche marketing research on dog grooming, our results showed that dog grooming can be dangerous to the health of some dogs. We now have a problem or issue to wrap our research around. The result from the research tells us it can be dangerous to the health of a dog if the dog is groomed inproperly. Now that we found the problem we now need to do some more niche marketing research to find the solution. A more deeper look into the issue helps us find the solution. Keep it straight to the point and simple. After you presented both the problem and the solution, you can now send your readers to more information on the niche. The information path you send your readers down can be to an affiliate product, your own ebook, free info so they op-tin to your newsletter or anything else you wish your readers to view. It is really up to you. Your best choice is not to send your readers to a sales page. Better to entice them further with a second relevant information webpage.

2. Niche language – When you start doing your niche marketing research, you will want to notice what kind of words are being used to describe your niche. What phrases are being put together? What kind of technical words are being used? If we take our dog grooming niche as the example, you will start to notice a pattern or a way dog groomers speak. Also reading and reseach will help you find the hot buttons that grab the reader and keeps them focused on your website or subject. Keep an eye out for those little things and add them into your postings, blogs, articles, webpages and product descriptions.

When your readers and customers start to see you as an authority, they may send you an email about one of your articles, or websites. The better you can speak the language the more of an expert you will be.

3. Test your market before jumping into it – Lastly and a very important thing to remember is testing. You want to do a market test against your niche. Your main focus in this area is finding a niche market that does not have a lot of competition. The last thing you want is to compete with thousands of others in the same exact niche market. At the same time you want to ensure the niche market has enough traffic to make it worth your efforts.

When done right, these processes works like magic. It can be a very complicated and you will need just the right amount of traffic, competition and niche. It is hard to hit all three just right. Yet over time and experience your success rate witll grow.

First of all we need to explain exactly what a niche is. My dictionary puts it quite elegantly as; a place or position suitable or appropriate for a person or thing: to find one’s niche in the business world – a distinct segment of a market. Having said that, how to choose a niche can be rather daunting. Let’s see why.

The word niche is mainly used in the business sector and once you have identified your niche then it’s a matter of perpetuating that niche so that you can make money from it. Many people have stumbled upon a niche without really looking for one and that’s their good fortune. Bill Gates comes to mind.

Lets talk straight. Your niche should be your passion. Whether it be writing, painting, cooking, marketing, making pots or fixing cars. The secret is to make your passion a niche in the market place. Maybe you have an idea or gadget that no one else has thought of and in turn could make you lots of money.

On the other hand, a niche could also be an existing market segment that you have identified where no one else has seen the potential. Say for example you are interested in travel. You read a lot of travel blogs and do some traveling yourself. Within this travel market you suddenly realize a niche that has not yet been capitalized on. This is where you come in.

Try to stick to what generally interests you because you would have a better chance to promote that niche. Chances are you would be an expert in your field and therefore you would put good content on your website, should you decide to have an online business.

The most important factor to take into consideration of course is; will your niche be profitable? The old saying amongst the conventional business leaders “find a gap in the market and fill that gap”, is still true today.

Your first step then would be to go onto the search engines and type in keywords that rank high on their lists. Many search engines would show what people are looking for on a monthly basis. If your niche is high up the list, it means lots of people are looking for what you could sell. Like I said, if you love traveling then find keywords that match that industry. How to choose your niche is not that difficult. It just takes some time and of course determination.


The new niche markets available today will supply you with a lot of different moneymaking strategies to choose from. The hungry crowd has a tendency of asking more than 5 follow-up questions to their original question. So there is no quota for new niche markets out there. There is a niche to every question they ask. It is just endless.

Coming up with a fresh new approach to an old issue like fat loss would be a just one of the many niche marketing strategies that people attempt. Nowadays, people are also becoming more resourceful. They check out whats out there and they know what they want before they make a purchase.

To name a few more niche marketing strategies secrets is to check on the most common things that people do everyday. Basically, people eat, dress, travel, and open their computers everyday.

The types of niche markets that attract a big crowd of people would be one of the basic things that people do. Like for example: “what are the most nutritious food combinations that will help maintain my figure”; “what is the latest fashion for my age”; “where can I get a good night sleep and great accommodation in a certain city”; and “what is the best website online that can give me precise as well as accurate answers to my inquiries”.

Putting yourself in the shoes of the hungry crowd will assist you in creating a new niche market. Your expertise and knowledge on certain categories of interest is most essential. By giving a straight and accurate answer to the questions that most people might ask everyday, you are actually inviting a lot of traffic to your new niche market.

Suffice it to say, that the types of niche markets that can truly help you earn big time is the one in which you can really, truly help answer the questions of the hungry crowd. They want answers and they want straight, honest as well as accurate answers.

Some vague explanations to a simple yes or no question belong to the poor niche marketing strategies secrets. That should not even be a secret, should it? That must be common knowledge to all. A brilliant type of niche market would be the one where people can inquire something and be given the answer in layman’s terms. Not some jargon that only the writer can understand. People want information!

The value of working at your own pace with NO boss breathing down your neck, while earning big time through the traffic that your new niche markets have generated, is truly a indispensable.

What are you waiting for???

In this brief article I would like to discuss the importance of finding the right niche ideas for your online marketing campaigns. My intention with this article is to educate and help online marketers by showing them the significance of this strategy.

Finding niche ideas is a skill that can make all the difference between successand failure with your online marketing efforts. A know of a lot of people that put a lot of effort into a bad niche and then are surprised when it leads to poor results.

But here’s the deal…

Even putting a small bit of effort into a good niche can offer amazing results. Now just for a moment imagine putting a lot of effort into a good niche. You see with the right niche ideas then it is like you have someone at your side leading you along the corridors of success. This may on first impressions be a bit of a hypey analogy but those of us on the inside know that it’s true.

All those late nights and early mornings start to pay off, your profits are increased and can be reinvested and turned into even more profits, but more importantly and significantly your hard work finally pays off. But with the wrong niche then all your hard work and effort is a waste of your time and your energy. You stay up late for nothing, don’t make enough profits to reinvest anything, and if you did then the returns would not warrant the risk of your money.

In fact the only thing that increases is your demotivation.

I’ve worked in both kinds of niches and I have wasted far too much time and effort learning the hard way. You see with the wrong niche then internet marketing is absolutely no fun whatsoever and far too much hard work with hardly any return on your investment. Another error I made was working from the principle of deciding how to reach a niche market and then brainstorming niche ideas to sell it to.

The most important tip I can offer you about the first steps of online niche marketing and would like to share with you today is this:

First pick your niche – THEN depending on the results from your research choose the most effective way of reaching your niche market.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, I hope it’s helped you realise and understand the importance of brainstorming niche ideas before deciding on how to reach your target market.

One reason small business owners don’t make money online is because they either don’t have a niche or target market to shoot for, or they just don’t have certain things in place to create the kind of income stream they need. For example, here are the reasons for why small business owners don’t make money online:

– They put up a website but don’t advertise to get traffic

– Content on their site does nothing to entice them to sign up for their services

– They try Google Adwords, but don’t provide good ads to get clicks to their site

– They try to optimize their site to get good ranking on search engines but fail to do so

Obviously the reason for all the above is not being focused on what you are trying to accomplish and not having a niche. The most important way to sell online is to have a niche. This means you have a specific group of people to sell your services to. You can do this in many ways, including selecting a specific industry to serve, target a particular geographical location, or by choosing specific demographics.

What happens when you don’t have a niche to work with? You not only find you lose focus as to where your business or product is going, but you also don’t know how to market your product. For example, if you try to optimize your site for search engines, you won’t know how to find the right keywords that will drive visitors to your site. This will make it touch for people to find you and what you are offering.

By not focusing on what your niche is, you won’t be able to provide the right kinds of content. And this can hurt your business because you won’t be able to find anyone to link to you. This is important for link popularity. This is what search engines use to rank your site.

By not having a niche or a focus, you will find more competitors jumping on the bandwagon and stealing your business.

So you see, having a niche is extremely important if you want to grow and prosper online. Having a niche does the exact opposite that not having a niche does. This includes:

– Knowing the right keywords to put in your web pages so the search engines can rank you higher. This way people can actually find you.

– You can better fine tune your website so it will be more appealing to your customer so they will be glad to sign up for your product or service.

– You will find people will be more than willing to exchange links with you since you will be better focused and have a niche market to work with. They will know you can make good money since you have a target you are now reaching.

– And if you advertise on Google, you will find your AdWords campaign will work much better in your favor.

The question is do you have a niche market? Are you selling to a niche market? If you are does your niche make you rich? If you feel like getting clients is a struggle, I can almost guarantee it’s because you’re not working in any specific niche market. In fact, I found that most of the problems small business owners have arise from lack of niche.

Finding a niche market is really not that hard to do. You have to know your product inside and out and have an idea what market to go after. Here are some important considerations for you to keep in mind when choosing a niche:

1. Focusing on a specific niche will allow you to concentrate your marketing efforts in a particular area.

2. Instead of limiting you, it can help position and brand your business.

3. You will be able to develop more targeted marketing materials that speak directly to your ideal clients.

4. Just because you target a certain group, doesn’t mean that you can’t reach out to other areas or expand your current marketplace.

5. Remember, choosing a target audience is not forever. Try it for a year, if you don’t enjoy it, pick another.

6. Having a niche will increase your chances of getting referrals. If someone can’t describe what you do and whom you can help, they won’t be able to refer people to you.

7. Your ideal client profile may change over time.

8. Let your niche find you. Pay attention to the types of clients who you work with. You may soon notice that some of them fall into one or more groups.

9. Multiple niches are fine.  Eventually, you may find that one of the several niches you work in is more enjoyable, profitable and easiest to reach.

Of course, finding a niche can be frustrating if you don’t know where to look. This is especially true if you are not a marketer or are new to marketing. The best way to find your niche is to do research.

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