4 indicators taken into account by Google to rank your content

Who does not dream of this moment when we can say for sure that we know what Google likes on our website and what he does not like.
The following statistics are not exactly from Google, but they are pretty close. Moz experts believe they have discovered the mystery. If you are an SEO expert, you already know that the closest to Google is Moz.
This edition of Whiteboard Friday includes confirmations that we already suspected. So I decided to take them back for you.
Moz’s experts assume that organic ranking statistics are somewhat similar to the AdWords quality score , the algorithm used by Google to rank ads and determine costs. Of course, the organic ranking algorithm itself has to be quite sophisticated, but I think the explanations below can help a lot of companies and editors in their SEO.

1. Actions taken on your website

They came, they read, so what? According to Moz, Google likes to see people click a button on your website after reading one of your pages. If they do not do anything, then Google assumes that your website was not that interesting.
What to do : Add CTAs to each of your posts. You may think it makes sense for people who like what you write to go to the contact page and ask for a quote. But this is not the case. We tested it on several websites for our customers and on our own website. Regardless of the number of clicks achieved and their organic ranking, CTA-free blog articles collected very few leads (if any).

2. Bounce rate

You already know that a huge bounce rate is not something to be proud of. Google does not like it either.
Think about it : people are looking for something and are coming to your website. Then, they immediately bounce back to the search results. What does that mean ? Obviously, they did not find what they were looking for. In other words, your website is not very relevant to the keyword in question.
What to do : CTAs can help users click rather than the browser icon to discover more pages on your website.

3. Time spent on the page

You may think that you can fix all this through the bounce rate. But it’s not exactly the same thing. People can spend a few seconds on a page, be distracted by a link at the top and click on it. This tells Google that your website may be interesting (given your low bounce rate), but this particular web page is not.
People read web pages diagonally, not word for word. So what can you do about it? Can you change behaviors? Of course not; but you can offer them something that will captivate them.
What to do: Avoid the mess at all costs. Do not be afraid of white space and add as many photos or videos as you can to decompose the text. Subtitles, spaces between paragraphs and bullets are also must-haves. If people see a huge wall of text, they will probably continue if they are interested in the subject, provided the text is written and formatted correctly.

4. Links to your website

This is confirmed by a representative of Google. The more links you have to your site, the better you will be ranked.
Why ?
It’s pretty obvious: when people quote you, it means you’re doing a good job. Andrey Lipattsev, the Google representative in question made it clear that the content and links are very important for the ranking. Which gives us an idea of how to approach that.
What to do : it has been said many times, good content is your gold mine. If you create it, the links will come. Not overnight, but they will come. The
It’s the power of creating great content links. Oh, and if you thought about buying links, forget – they have absolutely no value. Influencing brand awareness by writing content on third-party blogs (guest-blogging) is the best thing you can do when you launch your website.


If there is one thing in common between all these parameters, it is the quality of the content. Write good content and people will stay on your page longer, they will want to access other pages or articles and they will be linked to your blog because it will be a trusted source. In a word, write well and visitors will come.

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