Planning School Uniforms For Your School?

Let’s begin this with an aside, the good old controversy on whether school uniforms must be abolished. There are people with diametrically opposite views on this subject, and perhaps no debate has lasted as long as this one. But if you have a school, what should you do? Wise people would suggest you to walk the middle path and get uniforms for the kids in your school, but at the same time, try to make sure that the uniforms are so jazzy that the kids love them! That way, you are keeping the purists happy and you are also making the kids quite proud about wearing their showy uniforms. Even the parents of the school kids, the main lobbyists of the debate, will be very pleased to see their darlings dressed up in very smart-looking school wear.

Children always love bright colors. Hence, it would be good if there are bright colors in their uniforms too. But do not go all out and start using reds, yellows and oranges on the uniforms, or you will end up making your school look like a field of tulips. Instead, try to get a combination of colors. You can select a bright colored shirt, offset by conventionally colored shorts, pants or skirts. Or you could have cool colors for the uniforms, but a warmer color for the tie. You can repeat a variation of the tie color on the socks of the uniform.

Play around with the colors a bit. Try out different colors on a computer and see how the combination looks. Your school uniform also has to be a little unconventional, or it loses much of its charm. Also, the uniform is about increasing brand consciousness about your school. So make very sure that no other school you know of has the same color combination.

School uniforms do not mean that they should be single colored. You can have a school uniform with stripes and checks, especially on the shirts. That way you can get a better scope to vary the combinations of colors with your uniforms. Most school uniforms work because of the interesting patterns they have, which look quite good on kids. Try and think of one of your own patterns.

Children also like a bit of sheen on their clothes. They like clothes that are a little bit lustrous. That is why you should opt for blended cotton fibers. These have the sheen they want, and also allow for air to pass through. So, apart from the great color combination, the students will also get highly wearable uniforms for their hours at school.

You will need smart looking jackets too, especially for the winter months. This is where you can really experiment. Jackets come in various colors, patterns and styles. Take your time in selecting the jacket that best fits your vision of your school.

If you have difficulties in designing the right kind of school uniforms for your institution, then many online retailers can be a goldmine of information for you. Just browse through your favorite online retailers school uniforms categories and see what we mean. You might just as well get what you are exactly looking for.

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