25 Things About Me That You Never Knew

Since I’ve been tagged by Andrew Vaughan  and Karen Kalata (both Alex Jeffreys students and now great online buddies) I’ve decided to take the challenge and come out of the closet and say 25 things about myself. Hope you guys enjoy and at the same time getting to know a bit more about me.

1. I’m a spaghetti fanatic!! I’m addicted to Barilla pasta and I must have Barilla at least once a week or I’ll go nut!!

2. I fell asleep about half way through watching Titanic in the cinema.

3. I do have “blonde moments” like the blondes do(or deny they do) from time to time but I’ll always try to hide/remove/destroy the evidences as soon as I find out.

4. I often try to talk under water in my bathtub trying to invent a new language.

5. I believe I suffer from ADD(ADHD) but no one seems to believe me because people say I’m not supposed to diagnose myself and that I don’t seem to have a lack of attention to girls. Maybe some girls out there can help me cure my ADD??

6. I often mixed up San Diego vs Santiago. I might be dyslexic too apart from ADD.

7. I love to watch Forumla 1 and my favourite driver and team are always Michael Schumacher and Ferrari.

8. I once typed “f” instead of “d”(f is next to d on keyboard) for the word duck during an online chat to someone a few years back. The chat went something like this: “why don’t u have a duck for tonite?? U haven’t had one for weeks….thought u liked it so much”(we were talking about cooking/dinner etc)

9. I love going to toy stores and pushing all the buttons on as many toys/plushies that have buttons on as I could find. Believe me, I do this to entertain the kids who aren’t tall enough yet to reach those buttons…..

10. I often say to my teddy bear in my bedroom: “Are u my son??”.

11. I’m not sure why people hate spam so much cause afterall spam is a food…..perhaps better than kangaroo!!

12. My favourite beer is Tooheys and for those who drink Fosters reading this you should know that nobody drinks Fosters in Australia!!(nor do people eat kangaroo here!!)

13. Whenever I see a lady who I know carrying a large size handbag I would normally comment: “Did u bring your lunch/dinner with u??” or “Are u camping??”.

14. When I drive I sometime would call someone going slower than me a grandma and someone going faster than me a maniac.

15. Just a couple days ago I found out that the word stressed spelled backwards is desserts.Sweet!!

16. I don’t like to keep my house too clean and spotless just in case people might think I’m gay.

17. I love riding Merry-Go-Rounds but I don’t know where I can do that and I need to have someone who would ride it with me so I don’t look like a dumba** myself.

18. I always dreamt of being an adult when I was a kid……now I’m jealous about the kids having such an easy life!!

19. I haven’t been to the doctors since 2002.

20. I love driving around to different places especially beaches, mountains and anywhere I can get in touch with nature.

21. I used to be able to bend over myself and touch my toes many years ago!!

22. I’m really nice to animals, especially dogs. Even the dogs at Animal Welfare League where I do casual volunteer work want to come home with me.

23. I’m quite a generous person(at least I think I am!).

24. Although I can cook reasonable well(at least I think I can!), I always like to be invited over for meals….because I don’t have to do the dishes!!

25. I wonder who the hell invented this 25 things about yourself and that you have to tag others after you’ve finished. Whoever invented this U’d better be hiding in the closet……

OK, so the project has now been completed. Now I’m going to tag 5 victims from Dean Holland’s coaching group and spread this virus around further.

And we shall spread the 25 things virus around……..LOL

Enjoy life,


*P.S. Feel free to leave a comment below and tell me which one u liked most

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