Austin Martin Kids RC Car

I admit I am used to much larger Petrol RC Cars but when it comes to remote control cars for the kids, they do come alot smaller but still makes me think… yikes!.

This is the Austin Martin DBS Coupe, which I got from Amazon as i was one of their most popular so here is my review. It’s not very long as children’s RC Car’s are basic but still great fun.


There are a ton of low cost remote control cars available on Amazon as well as many others this RC Austin Martin was purchased from

As you can see from the photo below, even though this was for fun, if I was to be buying this as a present the state of the box would be very disappointing. This is literally how I received it, so please be aware of any items you purchase a present, it would be best to buy in advance in-case you have to send back.

Moving on, this car was around £30 which is reasonable but as someone is used to full sized remote control cars, I was surprised on how small it was. This isn’t a negative to the product though, its just my view on how they do differ in size compared to say a 1/10th rc car from specialized RC Model companies.

The quality of the car itself was pretty standard, a good design, clear and easy to see any writing or manufacturer badges.

Will run this over the carpet shortly and upload a video so watch this space..

4 5