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Petrol RC cars were something I was never into as a child but James absolutly love’s his, you can find our full review a little down this page –


For those who don’t know, petrol Remote control cars from UK simplyrc who are based in the South East, are model types whose basic mechanism of motion is a remote or any other form of wireless transmitter.

As models, they are many times smaller than the real vehicles and are therefore mostly used for experimental purposes or as ‘busts’ for future designs. Since they came around, petrol rc cars for sale have earned a lot of fame across the board, becoming useful in diverse fields, one of them being RC racing.

Ideally, auto enthusiasts find auto-racing time consuming and expensive, so they choose this alternative form as it allows for a lot of tinkering and close control.

A result, most brands of RC cars and some of the best rc helicopter ranges are specifically dedicated to the idea of racing. They lay a heavy emphasis on performance as opposed to longevity, which seems to be the most important aspect of regular cars.

Love the Hobby of Remote Control Cars


RC cars are popular for their convenience, since the mode of operation is mostly automated and re-programmable.

Sources of fuel for Petrol RC cars

A number of cars in the market rely on electric motors that have rechargeable cells .This means that despite the fact that the mechanisms used are highly sophisticated, there is always the chance to recharge and proceed with an experiment or a race.

Some models in the market are quite reliable, racking up hundreds of hours on cell power while on intense use. RC cars that run on electric motors are considered easy for novices to operate because they emphasize more on automated handling rather than the heavily manual mechanisms of other designs.

Generally,fuel-driven cars are hard to manipulate but have been lauded for their exceptional ability to mold enthusiasts into hardened users across all kinds of terrain. In addition to that, since these models are as close to natural as possible, they are a great measure of estimating real time performance in auto-design situations.


Battery and gas-powered designs such as the Condor nitro rc buggy are a traditional concept that has evolved over time.

While their configurations vary across the board, there are similarities in the way their engines are set up. The primary focus is usually to ensure that the car does not wear out in the middle of experiment, demonstration or use.

In the past, battery-powered designs were usually considered reliable because some batteries could be recharged. However, the longevity was never assured and there were numerous glitches during use. On the other hand, gas-powered designs were reliable as long as the correct volumes were used. These volumes were calculated according to the demands of the miniature engines used.

Toy-grade RC’s and hobby-based cars

Toy grade cars have very little in the way of emphasis on performance, because the chief objective of most manufacturers is to reduce costs. However, most consumers find them worth the prices they go for since basic-level performance is satisfactory. On the contrary, designers and manufacturers tend to throw in all kinds of technology and functionality into the hobby-based cars they make.

In fact, some of them are so high-end that they are considered way too steep for the regular buyer. The presence of budget designs however ensures that there are models for specific ranges of prices of petrol remote control cars online.

Our Mini Cooper RC Car Review


This is the RC Mini Cooper, the first RC Car we have purchased to review on and a superb, sturdy built remote control car it is, and quick delivery from Amazon UK.
As you can see below, this marvelous RC model comes in an attractive presentation box , inside containing everything you need to get up and running.

This includes the RC Mini Cooper itself, Controller, Lithium battery and AC Charger.

At a price of £50 with free delivery when purchased on Amazon, this is a superb remote control car for children who have had a car before but would like something a little more powerful.

A very realistic looking Mini RC, at a scale of 1:10 which as you can tell provides hours of fun indoors and out for children and adults of all ages.

When using the remote control, you will find its very easy indeed providing full movement of the car so forward, reverse, turning left and right and stopping. At the front of the car, the design has been given xenon style from and rear lights which look fantastic.


More Indepth Details –

  • Comes fully assembled and ready to race. Functions as a fully controlled car including forward, back, left right and stop.
    Front and rear Xenon lights which work at the back. The front wheel alignment can be altered as well as the independent coil spring suspension design.
    Stunning Design along with Mini logo, sport rims and rubber tyres giving a real life look with its paint job.
    Scale of 1:10 and a speed of between 20 and 25 miles per hour with a remote control distance of around 200 feet so quite a distance.

•    Car requires: rechargeable 7.2V 700mah (included); Controller requires: 1 x 9V battery(included); Product size: 31.5cm x 16.7cm x 13.5cm.
•    Factory assembled and ready to run. Full function radio controlled. Forward, reverse, stop, left and right.
•    Working blue xenon style headlamps. Working rear lamps. Adjustable front wheel alignment. All independent coil spring suspension system.
•    Fully detailed exterior with Mini Logos. Rims and pneumatic rubber tyres. Automotive powder coated exterior paint.
•    Scale: 1:10; Speed: 20-25 mph; Remote distance: 200 feet; 3 Cars can be used at the same time.
•    Car requires: rechargeable 7.2V 700mah (included); Controller requires: 1 x 9V battery(included); Product size: 31.5cm x 16.7cm x 13.5cm.


For a low solution to a high quality remote control car for the kids, be it a present out of the blue, birthday or Christmas then this comes highly recommended. It’s available from Amazon with Free Delivery (Non Affiliate Link)